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Boscobel's programming is currently taking place outdoors. Please see the Calendar page for dates, details, and reservations. We look forward to welcoming you here. x

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The House that was Saved Built between 1804 and 1808, Boscobel was originally the dream house of wealthy Loyalists. By the 1950s, after falling into disrepair, it was demolished. Preservationists saved as many architectural fragments as possible and reassembled them fifteen miles north, where the Neoclassical mansion was restored back to—and even beyond—its original grandeur. In 1961, Boscobel opened as…


EXHIBITION | Cross-pollination: An Evolution in Foliate Forms

Boscobel’s intense study of plants admired and cultivated in early America grew into new plantings for our Formal Garden and Cross-pollination, an exhibition of contemporary works on paper inspired by plant life. Complementing the flora in Boscobel’s renowned permanent collection, Cross-pollination illustrates the Hudson Valley’s ongoing dynamic exchange between design, history, and nature. Many thanks to exhibition sponsor:


Family Film Night

Boscobel House and Gardens, together with the Cold Spring Film Society, presents the animated Disney classic Snow White on the Great Lawn at Boscobel.

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