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The House that was Saved Built between 1804 and 1808, Boscobel was originally the dream house of wealthy Loyalists. By the 1950s, after falling into disrepair, it was demolished. Preservationists saved as many architectural fragments as possible and reassembled them fifteen miles north, where the Neoclassical mansion was restored back to—and even beyond—its original grandeur. In 1961, Boscobel opened as…


Boscobel Activity Booklet

Visiting Boscobel with kids? The Boscobel Activity Booklet—full of pictures, information, and activities—is simple to use, fun to follow, and can be picked up as you enter or downloaded below before your visit. The booklet will guide you into the gardens, walk you around the grounds, and lead you along the woodland trail, all the while encouraging you and your…



Piano Works: Gibson & Davis; Case: possibly Phyfe New York City Square grand pianoforte, c. 1812-1816 Mahogany, mahogany veneer, satinwood veneer, rosewood and ebony inlays, gilding, mirror glass, brass, looking-glass plate, ivory and ebony keys, piano works, unidentified secondary woods Gift of Dick Button in memory of Berry Tracy 2018.4 This piano represents the finest New York craftsmanship, and reinforces…

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