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Brand Refresh

April 10th, 2018

by Lauren Daisley

This winter, we at Boscobel had a real think about how to convey who and what we are now, as an institution.

What kept coming up is that we want everyone to know we welcome them. We’re doing that with our programs and by offering pay-what-you-wish options to come explore the grounds. But my goal as Communications Manager here is to make sure we’re letting people know about the ways we’re opening our doors ever wider. So we engaged in a brand refresh and the redesign of this very website. (Thank you for checking it out!)

You may notice that we have a new logo, very much inspired by the swag glyph we’re proudly sported for decades (which is itself inspired by a unique architectural feature of the house). We’ve also come upon a new color palette and fonts.

If you’re local, you will see our posters in shop windows and our lovely brochure around town. It’s hard to match the beauty and wonderfulness of this place, but we’re trying.

Many thanks to graphic design firm Rabe & Co. for their simultaneously classic and hip sensibility and to both Predicate and Map & Fire for their first class work on our new website.

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