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The Renowned Collection


Piano Works: Gibson & Davis; Case: possibly Phyfe
New York City
Square grand pianoforte, c. 1812-1816
Mahogany, mahogany veneer, satinwood veneer, rosewood and ebony inlays, gilding, mirror glass, brass, looking-glass plate, ivory and ebony keys, piano works, unidentified secondary woods
Gift of Dick Button in memory of Berry Tracy

This piano represents the finest New York craftsmanship, and reinforces Classically-derived motifs seen in furniture from the same date and place: Lyres, urns, saber legs, reeding, waterleaf carving, mirror glass, graphic patterns in wood grain, and elegant curves. The Dyckman family is known to have owned at Boscobel a piano, at least two woodwind instruments, and a music box imported from England.

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