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Boscobel’s gardens, grounds, and Visitor Center remain fully open during public hours. However, House Tours have been suspended until further notice. Please visit for more information. x

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I bring my dog to Boscobel?

For reasons of public health, dogs are not permitted at Boscobel or the Cold Spring Farmers’ Market this year.

Is photography permitted?

Yes, please feel free to take photographs and videos without a tripod for your personal use at Boscobel. We love it when you tag or mention us on social media. Our handle is @BoscobelHG on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. (Please note that our guides prefer not to be videotaped.)

If you are interested in conducting a commercial shoot or a professional photography session, that’s excellent. Please see our Private Private Rentals page for details and to inquire.

Is Boscobel available for commercial photo shoots, filming, movies, etc?

Absolutely! To book, please reach out via our Private Rentals page.

If a Boscobel event is cancelled, will you issue a refund?

If Boscobel cancels an event, we will issue a refund. If the event is still held, even in inclement weather, there are no refunds. Check our website for announcements. Please also see our Ticketing Policy.

What if it rains or snows during a scheduled Boscobel event?

We will post cancellation and raindate notices at, and you are welcome to call 845-265-3638 to inquire. Please see our Ticketing Policy.

Is Boscobel House and Gardens accessible for persons with disabilities?

Most of our 68 acres of gardens and grounds are accessible. Please be aware that the tour of the house (on hold during COVID) includes walking several flights of stairs up to first floor, down to ground floor and further down to a lower level. You are welcome to inquire about accommodations by calling 845-265-3638. Please see our Accessibility Statement. Parking spots for persons with disabilities are located in the Visitor Center parking lot.

May I picnic on your grounds?

Any time Boscobel is open, you are welcome to picnic on the picnic tables by the pond near our gatehouse or on the tables in front of our Visitor Center. We kindly ask that you purchase a grounds ticket and stop in at the Visitor Center to receive a sticker. (If you would, please refrain from throwing Frisbees or launching any other flying objects, including drones.)

May I bring my skateboard to Boscobel?

You are welcome at Boscobel, but your skateboard, bicycle, roller skates, roller blades, hoverboard or other rolling apparati are, for safety reasons, not.

May I bring my drone to Boscobel?

Except in the case of pre-negotiated professional photography shoots, all remote-controlled camera drones or any other unmanned, moving aerial or ground machines are not permitted at Boscobel.

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